Insurance for Vintage Cars in Virginia

Insurance for Vintage Cars in Virginia

Vintage cars can add value and enjoyment to your life, but how do you insure your vintage car? Car insurance in Virginia for vintage cars is very similar to insurance for modern vehicles, but there are a few additional coverages which might help protect your vintage car. Liability insurance protects you from being liable for bodily injury or property damage of the other vehicle and passengers if you cause an accident with your vehicle. Medical payments insurance can cover the injuries sustained by those in your vehicle while collision insurance can pay for the damage to your vehicle. If your vehicle is damaged by a falling tree, animal, or if it’s stolen or vandalized, comprehensive insurance can cover those damages.

As the age and make of vintage cars can vary widely, a policy to cover a vintage vehicle would likely need insurance tailored for that vehicle. One difference vintage vehicles can have from modern vehicles is a suggested mileage limit. While some insurance companies might have a set mileage limit for your vintage car, this limit can also protect the inherent value and longevity of the car. Car insurance in Virginia should also meet the required limits set by Virginia state law, so you should seek an insurance professional who insures vintage vehicles in the state of Virginia.

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