Insurance Tailored to Fit Your Marina Needs

Insurance Tailored to Fit Your Marina Needs

If you run a marina or yacht club, you must deal with an array of both maritime and land-based risks, each needing a specific type of California marina insurance. Property and liability coverage is a must for marinas which, along with furnishing dock space for their own and third-party boats, offer a variety of additional services for club members and other customers.

Sailing classes, boat shows, fishing tournaments, boat rentals and regattas are all common activities hosted by marinas and their tenants. You may provide boat and other watercraft rentals or host a third-party rental/chartering service that can outfit your customers. You probably help clients out here and there by moving their watercraft. You may allow third-party businesses access to your marina and customers’ watercraft for specialty repairs or another need. All of these activities are typically part of the services offered by marinas and yacht clubs; they are also all part of your need for insurance.

An experienced insurance provider can offer insights into the many facets of the marina business and offer you one-stop shopping for a variety of plans. That can include everything from the risks involved in a multiple-entry regatta to storm damage to boating accidents and more. A professional will work with you to understand your operation and tailor California marina insurance plans to meet your specific needs.

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