Insurance for the Risks in Dry Cleaning

Insurance for the Risks in Dry Cleaning

Your business faces risks every day, but do you have the same ones as the vet or doctor’s office next door? From losing customer’s valuable clothing to an environmentally dangerous chemical spill, you are probably very aware of things that could go wrong on any given day. If your insurance agent doesn’t understand these things, then you may not have the dry cleaning insurance that fits your market.

It’s important to know the exclusions of your general liability insurance. New and emerging insurance policies cover these exclusions, but you do have make the choice to obtain them before you need them. Talking to your insurance agent helps you address your needs and manage your risks. You may not be concerned about a data breach, because you’re a small business. However, if your customer’s data is hacked, you could expect to pay around $150 per record to clean up a mess. How many customers do you have?

Your insurance agent is on your side. Get their advice and use their knowledge to improve your peace of mind by covering your risks and liability. Dry cleaning insurance is specific to your business, and you should pay for the coverage that meets your needs. Put together a complete portfolio to protect your assets, both now and in the future. You don’t have to risk all you’ve worked for when there is insurance that manages those things.

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