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What is Contingent Cargo Insurance?

What is Contingent Cargo Insurance?

Cargo insurance is underwritten by managed risk clubs, a type of group investment tool. It is available for a variety of cargos and protects against freight loss or damage from external causes during shipping by any means, land, air or sea. Depending on the coverage, however, the club may not pay for instances such as a truck-load coming loose and falling off the road if the driver is thought to be at fault. This is where contingent cargo insurance comes in, to protect freight brokers against claims denied by the carrier’s insurance.

Legal Liability

There is no legal requirement that freight brokers carry contingent cargo insurance. However, carriers may be shy to work with those who do not. For events deemed an act of God or terrorists, or a simple refrigerated-truck breakdown, the shipper will look to the freight broker, as the one who negotiated the shipment contract, to cover what the initial cargo insurer does not.

What’s Covered

Contingent cargo insurance can cover losses such as theft and damage in transit, including shipping methods such as truck, ship and rail. In cases where a cargo is lost because of an unexpected event, such as a tornado or flash-flood, contingent cargo insurance can help. Different insurance carriers may cover different contingencies, so if you’re a freight broker, you would be smart to shop around.

The Golden State of Boat Insurance in California

The Golden State of Boat Insurance in California

There are many options for boat insurance in the golden state of California depending on the type of boat, coverage needs, and boating locations. Boat insurance providers typically offer property and liability coverage for personal watercraft, sailboats, pontoons, houseboats, powerboats, yachts, and more.

Types and Costs of Boat Insurance

Some policies include property coverage for on-board equipment, such as fishing equipment and sails. Liability coverage typically covers boat-related injuries or damage to others’ property.

When shopping for boat insurance in California, look for opportunities to lower your costs. Some insurance providers offer premium discounts for safety equipment and training and extended lay-up periods—the times when you are not using your boat. Policy bundling can also reduce premium costs significantly.

Boat Insurance for Trips out of State

When purchasing boat insurance in California, consider where you are going to use your boat and whether you intend to take it into Mexico. Some insurance providers offer types of boat insurance that will protect your investment when you are in foreign waters. Even if you are only going boating for one day in Mexico, you likely need Mexican watercraft liability insurance.

Consult with an experienced boat insurance provider. Doing so can ensure that you have adequate coverage for your property and liability risks while boating throughout California and for boating trips out of the state or country.

2 Industries That Make Ship Repairers Liability Insurance Necessary

2 Industries That Make Ship Repairers Liability Insurance Necessary

There are many kinds of nautical crafts built, refurbished and repaired daily by ship builders and repairers. Many industries rely on these professionals to provide them with top quality work in a timely manner. When accidents happen, it is crucial to have the right kind of insurance to avoid substantial losses of both time and money. 1. National Defense A few different branches of the military use water crafts. These types of vessels must be expertly built and properly repaired in order to keep them in prime condition.

Some of these crafts include:

  • Carriers
  • Submarines
  • Cruisers
  • Motor Life Boats

Cutters Because these vessels are used to protect and save lives, they are under extreme pressure and vulnerable to accidents. That means having ship repairers liability insurance is paramount. 2. Trade and Commerce Certain crafts are designed to withstand many trips around the world engaging in trade with different countries. Some of the vessels used for trading purposes are: • Cargo ships • Bulk carriers • Container ships • Tankers The stress of many demanding oceanic journeys can take its toll on even the hardiest of crafts. Having liability insurance for ship repairers can protect you in the event of an accident to this type of vessel. Ship builders and repairers are necessary to keep our country functioning on many levels. Having ship repairers liability insurance allows these experts to do their jobs without worrying that an accident could ruin their business.

3 Common Threats Your Bank Faces

3 Common Threats Your Bank Faces

Owning a bank can be an extremely rewarding, rather profitable experience if you play your cards right. However, owning this type of business also comes with several inherent threats you’ll have to deal with throughout the years. While financial institution insurance can certainly help you to deal with any and all threats as they arise, knowing what you’re up against is always wise so you’ll know exactly how to identify potential threats. Some of the most common problems your business might encounter include:

1. Criminal Activity

This is a broad spectrum of threats overall, including everything from wire fraud to kidnapping and extortion. Robbery, theft and employee dishonesty are some of the biggest issues you’ll face in this particular field.

2. Professional Shortcomings

While you might be selective when hiring your staff, mistakes do happen. If one of your directors makes a bad call or an employee makes an oversight that results in a cash loss, you could be facing some serious repercussions.

3. Cyber Invasions

Your computers are a definite help while you’re on the job, but they also serve as a way for hackers and other threats to leak viruses, steal cash and collect private customer information.

With all of these threats working against your bank each and every day, it’s imperative to have financial institution insurance on your side to keep you covered in the event that disaster strikes, and to keep your business strong in the face of opposition.

3 Easy Steps to Getting a Dog Liability Insurance Quote

3 Easy Steps to Getting a Dog Liability Insurance Quote

It may come as a shock to find out your expensive home owners insurance may not cover damages incurred from a dog bite or attack. Though you hope for the best from your pet, it’s often best to be prepared. When it comes to dog liability insurance quotes, there are usually only three easy steps needed to find the perfect policy for you.

1. Personal Information

Personal, family and community demographical information may be requested. The questions are often basic, so you likely have this information memorized or on hand. Questions may also be asked about your home and habits to help provide a picture of your dog’s surroundings.

2. Dog Details

This step is likely going to be the most exhaustive of the process, but it still shouldn’t take more than a few minutes of your time. Insurers will likely ask for the following details about your dog:

  • Breed and physical measurements
  • Daily routine
  • Established attack history

3. Additional Insured Information

Many canine liability insurers cover additional people or entities, such as landlords and employers. When you choose to insure an additional person, his or her basic personal information may be needed. Requirements may even be limited to contact information only.

Dog liability insurance quotes can seem daunting. Most homeowners and renters don’t know they need this type of insurance until it’s required by a community owner. However, with just basic information on hand, you can get a quote for insurance that will keep you and your dog covered no matter what.

What Kinds of Personal Insurance Do You Really Need?

What Kinds of Personal Insurance Do You Really Need?

The modern American has a million expenses in their everyday lives. With food, gas, rent/mortgages and other bills to pay for, there’s often little enough time (or money) to worry about extra OC insurance additions. However, the truth stands that regular insurance might not cover you in all the areas that they should be. Whether you’ve been avoiding checking into insurance policies or you’ve just never considered it before, there are a few insurance types you really need in order to truly live securely.

  • Flood insurance. Unless you live at the top of a mountain, there’s always a chance that your home could become victim to flooding. Having insurance can save you thousands of dollars on repairs.
  • Life insurance. No one wants to need life insurance, but in the event that an accident occurs, this is the best way to ensure that your family and loved ones are getting the assistance to make it through their time of need.
  • Renters insurance. If you rent an apartment, town home or other space, renters insurance can help to protect you in the event of theft or accidental damage to the rented space in question.

Each of these types of OC insurance bring another layer of security to your personal life, and can really help to make a difference when it comes to your family’s financial safety in the coming years.

Who Needs to Get a Customs Bond?

Who Needs to Get a Customs Bond?

There are individuals and companies that need to get a US customs bond in order to legally do business in the United States. Entities and individuals can get customs bonds from insurers that are licensed by the United States Treasury Department. Here are some examples of who needs to get a customs bond.


Importers of merchandise that are bringing good into the United States for retail sale need to get a US customs bond to do so. The bond will ensure that all fees, taxes and any applicable duties will be paid by the importer. To necessitate needing a bond, the merchandise has to be over $2,500 dollars or a specialized item that has additional federal requirements such as food.


If you want a warehouse you operate to be able to store goods that have been imported or exported, you will need to get a US customs bond for your facility. There will also be an additional application to make with the local port director to make your bonded warehouse establishment official.

International Carrier

Carriers such as trucking companies, sailing vessels, or airlines that transport goods or passengers internationally, need to maintain a customs bond to do so. Domestic carriers that wish to carry imported goods across state lines must also get a customs bond.

Warehouseman Insurance for Careful Warehousing Companies

Warehouseman Insurance for Careful Warehousing Companies

Warehouseman legal liability insurance consists of various types of coverage intended to help cover a warehouse storage operation’s business for direct loss or any damage of property. Because of the unique position of warehouse businesses as bailees, they are liable for damages to goods owned by third parties in their facilities, or in their legal custody as determined by the commercial code.

These damages take any number of forms including but not limited to:

  • Misplaced goods
  • Fire
  • Stolen property
  • Cargo damaged by heat or humidity changes
  • Packaging or labeling equipment malfunction

Warehouse storage businesses typically have extensive policies and training procedures in place to minimize these risks. They also tend to dedicate significant resources to securing facilities against theft band Fire. These conscientious preventers are exactly the type of businesses that benefit from complete insurance coverage.

Specialists in trade and transportation insurance offer warehouseman legal liability protections to fill in the gaps left by even the most stringent policies and practices. Some threats are either impossible to predict, such as mechanical failure or electrical systems fires, or they are unreasonably costly, such as a technologically advanced burglary with internal support. If you are unsure as to which policies your specific operations require, enlist analytical guidance from a qualified agent of a marine or logistics insurance provider.

The Security of Adequate Commercial Property Coverage

The Security of Adequate Commercial Property Coverage

Every business owner worries about accidents and incidents that could result in costly damages. Even with insurance, you are likely very careful to prevent any such events from taking place. Such caution can inspire you to be safer, but it can also be a distraction, and you shouldn’t have to worry about issues like these when you are trying to operate a business. Luckily, commercial property insurance in Orlando can protect you from liabilities and provide the peace of mind you deserve.

Protection From Common Commercial Property Risks

The right commercial property insurance in Orlando will provide protection in the most common liability areas. Some of those you should make sure are included in your policy are as follows:

  • Equipment
  • Damage from weather
  • Interruption to business
  • Crime

Invest in Peace of Mind

Insurance isn’t only good when you need it. It’s good when you don’t use it, too, because It provides security that no other resource can. With the right commercial property insurance in Orlando, you never need to worry about what will happen if your property is affected by weather, crime or other kinds of damage. An insurance policy is also peace of mind when you need to protect your commercial property from the many potential liabilities It faces.

What to Expect From Insurance Marketing Organizations

What to Expect From Insurance Marketing Organizations

If you’ve been looking for a better way to contact potential clients and customers about the services your insurance agency offers, the odds are that you’ve already stumbled across insurance marketing organizations. However, if you haven’t read into the amazing things these services can accomplish for your business, you might be unaware of how well they can help boost your business operations in the coming years. Simply put, these organizations take over your advertising work and make it more efficient. While you continue to handle your business’s day to day operations, the marketing organization you choose to work with will handle the job of reaching out to new customers in a variety of different ways.

Usually, this will include:

  • Insurance telemarketing communications
  • Digital advertisements on popular sites around the Internet
  • Mail-based physical advertisements that go directly to potential customers’ homes

These steps will be taken after the professionals at your organization review your business details to get a firm grasp of what you have to offer the modern client. By reaching out to possible clients in a variety of different ways, insurance marketing organizations can make the advertising aspect of your business much simpler and much more efficient. When you choose to invest in these services, you’re choosing to invest in better advertising and faster, healthier growth for your business in the coming months and years.