3 Types of Workers Who Need Commercial Auto Insurance

3 Types of Workers Who Need Commercial Auto Insurance

While it may seem that only large companies need commercial auto insurance, any company or individual that uses a car or truck for commercial purposes needs commercial auto insurance. Business insurance in New Jersey offers this insurance to individuals and large companies.

  1. Pizza Delivery Drivers – A pizza delivery driver needs commercial auto insurance because his vehicle is used for business purposes. While this may seem counterintuitive because of the pay, the driver is at a higher risk of an accident because of the hours spent behind the wheel. Therefore, personal insurance companies may not pay if a driver is in an accident while on the job. If you’re starting up a pizza delivery service and hire employees, you’ll also want to make sure that the vehicles are covered by commercial insurance.
  2. Catering Companies – Whether they are one-man operations or large companies, caterers should have commercial auto insurance. Because they deliver goods to locations for pay, they will want to have commercial auto insurance in order to receive compensation should anything happen to the vehicle.
  3. Landscapers – Because landscapers often use ladders and secured toolboxes, they also require commercial auto insurance in order to protect their vehicles. Ladders can slip off if not secured properly and cause damage to another vehicle, and tools are part of a landscaper’s services. Landscaping companies who hire employees also need commercial auto insurance to protect the vehicles and the employees.

It is important to review the laws regarding commercial auto insurance to see whether or not your company needs this service. Damage and accidents can be extremely expensive, so you’ll want to make sure that you have the coverage you need. New Jersey residents should research business insurance in New Jersey.

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